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CNC Machining Simple to Complex Parts and Components

CEL Services excels at the CNC Machining of complex parts with speed, accuracy, and cost-efficiency. Machining services we offer range from one-off prototyping to high-volume production and inventory management of parts and products in a vast variety of metals and substrates.

CEL incorporates a strict Quality Assurance regiment that has qualified us for both ISO 9001 and AS9100 registration—a respected standard that we continually audit to ensure conformity. All of our CNC machining procedures—including materials validation, Turning,Horizontal Milling, Vertical Milling, Grinding, Deburring, and finishing—follow mandated policies and include full documentation.

Our dedication to these high machining standards is matched by our dedication to investment in the most accurate CNC machining technology available, making us a preferred for machining components for the Aerospace, Commercial, Industrial, and Commercial industries.



Valve Industry

Pump Industry

Compressor & Blowers

Medical Equipment’s & Implants

Ship Building


CAD Design and Engineering of Complex Machined Parts

CEL Services CAD design and part engineering focuses on combining innovative creativity with function-improving design. Working with your specifications and initial ideas, our highly trained CAD/CAM software designers can work with you through a collaborative process that will begin with detailed variations of the part or prototype you have in mind—and end with realization of a working prototype or part.

Strategy Planning

We begin by working with you to define performance goals and important design parameters. We then brainstorm to come up with innovative ways to address any machining and design issues. This can include improving machined part appearance, improving part life, or even modifying a design as needed to avoid potential patent infringement.

Preliminary Modeling

Sometimes, pre-approval of a concept may be necessary, requiring a concept model to demonstrate or validate a design. Creating a preliminary model can help to clearly communicate an design direction, while ALSO providing a development structure for fitting proposed ancillary part components like gears, wires, and more.

Concept-Approved CAD Design

With an initial design concept reviewed and approved, we deploy the latest CAD design technology to create a balanced first-pass design. Our abilities to design an aesthetically pleasing machined part is matched by our experience in engineering solutions that deliver you maximum production efficiencies.


Following our approved CAD design, we create tooling-ready CAD models that include perspective drawings, 3-D styled renderings, and cross section views as needed to better communicate structural details.

Prototype Development

A dimensionally accurate, functioning prototype of your part is then created using 3-D Rapid Prototype Printing or one-off CNC machining as applicable. From there, secondary and more critical design assessment can be conducted to ensure the design delivers the performance characteristics and structural integrity desired.

Prototype Evaluation & Refinement

Feedback from you and our designers is combined with a functional evaluation of the prototype that includes manufacturability. We then implement any warranted design improvements to arrive at a final, approved design ready for machining.

Design Documentation

Careful recording of the design process and final manufacturing strategy ensures repeatability and accountability. These records include a materials bill, description of process and details, elevation and 3-D CAD drawings, perspective drawings, CAD data, and animated video clips if necessary to illustrate crucial function.

Machine Tooling

Our proven expertise in complex machining and tooling ensures your design is translated into parts manufactured as efficiently and quickly as possible, while adhering to any applicable industry-mandated guidelines or requirements.

Quality Assurance Adjustments

CMM Programming is done through the 3D modeling of the part first part inspection is made easy, Once machining of your part begins, first-run inventory is reviewed, measured, tested, and evaluated to detect any problems. We also investigate to determine is any additional cost-reduction or part enhancement is possible.

Machined Part Prototyping Quickly—Without Part Integrity Compromise

CEL understands how important start-up deadlines are to manufacturing. Our state-of-the-art machining and turning machinery delivers the fastest and most robust machining capabilities available for developing and refining machined part prototypes in metals, plastics, and modeling boards—all with pinpoint accuracy.

In our 2000 sq. ft. CT facility, our highly trained and experienced CNC Machining team orchestrates a fleet of prototype machining .Our vast selection of high-precision CNC machining is controlled by advanced software, ensuring a prototype development schedule to meet your program deadlines. The industry-leading level of prototype design integrity that CEL delivers has made us a “vendor of choice” for companies where prototype validation to confirm concept quality and reliability is a mission-critical step.

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