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We believe that a welder is only as good as the equipment they use, and therefore, we invest our resources to ensure we have up-to-date welding technology so that our AWS certified welders can efficiently do their jobs, and produce a precise welds on all your parts.

We have offered a wide range of Phosphorus bronze, aluminum and stainless steel welding services that are continually optimized, improved, and upgraded to bring our customers the latest welding technology has to offer. When combined with our comprehensive approach to quality control and project management, it’s no surprise that CEL has become the trusted welding and fabrication provider for customers and industries across the country.


With automated Robotic Welding that can run day or night (or day and night), CEL has the opportunity to help customers ranging from manufacturers to the military achieve the precision, speed, and cost efficiency they rely on. Learn more about our robotic welding capabilities.

CEL is an experienced welder for industries ranging from telecommunications and construction to architectural design and food processing. Our projects range from Critical Welding, Exotic alloy welding, Inconal, Monal, SS316l, SS309Mol Stellite, but the common thread for every welding service we offer is quality, from beginning to end.

With our extensive equipment and years of expertise, we’re confident that our welding services can provide the precision needed for successful fabrications of every variety, and in sizes that many competing fabricators simply can’t handle.

Precision, reliability, impeccable quality, short lead times for long-run projects, and competitive pricing. These are all qualities you need in a fabricator, but seldom can you get them all at once. Fortunately, at CEL we use all of our experience and the latest technology to make it a reality.

The Benefits of Robotic Welding Services at CEL:

CEL combines years of experience with the latest robotic welding equipment so that we can meet all of your needs for fast and accurate robotic welding services. Some of our capabilities include:

  • Full CAD/CAM capabilities for enhanced accuracy and tighter tolerances.
  • 5 axis robotic welding services.
  • Robotic welding for any shape that can fit over .
  • Robotic welding up to 10"x10"x10" with a max weight of 50Kgs per pallet.
  • Multiple welding stations to suit a number of possible specifications.
  • Robotic welding services that get you the welding you need faster, with greater repeatability, and a higher level of efficiency.


How Robotic Welding Benefits Your Fabrication Project

For many projects, Robotic welding can be an ideal solution that offers the speed, accuracy, and repeatability that so many long-run projects rely on to become more profitable. In addition to helping our customers realize greater profits, our advanced robotic welding equipment eliminates waste and increases efficiency.

Robotic welding with numerous materials

welding for aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, steel, and more.

Increased accuracy

Full CAD / CAM capabilities enable our technicians to provide extremely accurate robotic welding at tight tolerances.

Greater consistency

Long run robotic welding allows for accurately cut and formed parts and fixtures. We've provided precise welding for long run parts for years.

Superior repeatability

With our state of the art technology, robotic welding at GMFCO allows for high levels of repeatability, shortening lead times for high volume projects.

Increased throughput

The high throughput of robotic welding makes it easier for GMFCO to meet ongoing delivery dates - so you get what you need, when you need it.

Robotic welding on multiple axes

Welding on up to 5 axes allows for faster delivery and more efficient robotic welding.

Robotic welding for virtually any shape

We can provide you with robotic welding for everything from flat sheets to cylinders, and virtually any shape that can fit over a mandrel within our 10 pallet changer.

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