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CEL Machining Provides “Head-StartUp” Expertise.

We also Encourage Young Entrepreneur to Startup Mentoring Programs, We provide 100% Training, admin. Marketing support etc

At CEL, the “machining advantages” we can offer you begin with our ability to understand your part specifications and business needs. Working as your Startup, our considerable machining experience takes the guesswork out of mission-critical decisions regarding materials selection, machining process, Quality Assurance procedures, and more. Our machining consulting services can range from CAD design assistance on a very small project to engineering a complete solution that can include design testing, manufacturing, assembly, and a LTA (Long Term Agreement).

  • Exploring material options for optimum machining success
  • Our expertise includes insight on how material properties will impact the function of your machined part. Factors we consider include tensile strength, wear durability, weight, behavioral properties relative to temperature and environmental exposure, conductive properties, materials compatibility, existing industry requirements, material availability, finish requirements, and targeted “final cost” per unit.

  • Selecting the best machining and finishing method
  • With a plan regarding which materials will work best for your application, we then explore which of our many CNC machining systems—and which finishing methods—will provide the combination of precision, volume, and economies your part or assembly requires. At CEL Consulting is the first word of our name, because CNC Startup is the first valuable service we offer our clients to help them realize a part-making “head-start.

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