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CEL: Redefining Quality Assurance, One Perfect Part at a Time

Quality Assurance in metal parts manufacturing has become a global issue. And at CEL Services, we’ve responded by making a systematic Quality Management Program part of every product we develop.

Our dedicated Quality Assurance Lab contains today’s most advanced, measuring, inspection, evaluation, and documentation technologies. Beginning with the very first part machined—and throughout the machining cycle—product quality and tolerances are strictly monitored and documented with lock step precision. We demand no less that 100% accuracy and consistency for every part leaving our plant.

At CEL, we know that implementing and maintaining a regimented QA process actually saves time and resources in the long run—reducing or eliminating waste, while improving delivery schedules for tolerance-critical parts.

A partial equipment list of the inspection technology we use includes:

  • 3D CNC CMM with Tool ChangerWith Rational Dimis offline programing
  • 1-Mitutoyo Surftest SJ-410
  • Video Microview Microscope
  • 2D Hight Master 300
  • Eye Luxxor Video Precision Bore Scope
  • Surface Plates 1000X1000

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